My Short and Sweet Story—

2012: I coached and mentored thousands of people through public speaking and direct coaching engagements. I’ve helped people recognize their personal blind spots. Ones they didn’t even know existed. I’ve been studying people’s problems for a while now. Through this personal study, I’ve determined that to solve someone’s problem you have to work backwards.

2016: I was fascinated by the tech world and what its capabilities were, so I started to build tech businesses. One is a mobile app development company and the other is a paperless system.

2018: I launched the podcast “Project Life”. In it, I go through different life topics that can create small daily breakthroughs in people’s lives. The value in every episode is to inspire, deliver knowledge, raise awareness and call people to action so they make a change in their lives. I firmly believe that the only way change happens is through action.

I’m Here to Help…

In this project called LIFE, you have me here with you to help. I want to be your guide to solve your most pressing problems. Think of me as your accountability partner that only wants what is best for you.

If you’re tired of wasting your time with things that don’t matter and feel like your life is just a revolving door of the same problems time and time again, than your at the right place. This is also your place if you have reached a high level of success but want to take it to the next level.

My goal with Project Life is to deliver the awareness, inspiration and strategy for you to mold yourself into who you know you can become. With the proper knowledge and work ethic, the universe is the limit!

I’ve coached countless amounts of people through personal road blocks and I know I can help you with yours. That’s why I created a free training that I will be releasing very soon called “2 Hours to Discovering Your Awareness of Y.O.U”. Y.O.U. stands for Your, Outlook, Understood. Yes YOU! Because you are the PROBLEM you are the one who made 90% of your adult decisions so in order to solve the problem we have to identify Your. Outlook. Understood.

How I can help you…

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● Tell me your FULL story and do not leave anything out and I will reply with the best answer possible to help you with your struggle. 2 Hours to discovering your awareness of Y.O.U

Your. Outlook. Understood

You are likely in one of 3 camps in your LIFE NOW:
1. You still have resentment and are holding in issues from the past and they are weighing you down.
2. You haven’t forgiven yourself for things you have done and others for what they did to you in the past.
3. You have the awareness of Y.O.U but still don’t know your self-worth yet. Whichever camp you’re in I have the SOLUTION for you!

My FREE training: 3 Step guide to get rid of your emotional baggage