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The most successful people
in the world have coaches.

Why not you?

The most successful people
in the world have coaches.

Why not you?

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Phil Smoak Builds Individuals

After coaching hundreds of people, I’ve found that when they are having problems it is mainly a result of their own actions.

So on the path to achieving what you desire, you are probably getting in your own way. If you are struggling, it is most likely because you are viewing life through the wrong lens. Usually people that are suffering are not happy with the lens they are looking through, and they need HELP!

Phil Smoak Training

You’re most likely in one of these three camps in your LIFE right now..

1- YOU are still allowing your past problems to weigh you down.

2- YOU haven't forgiven others or yourself for past mistakes.

3- YOU still haven't understood your value and self worth.

Discover the self awareness of Y.O.U.
Your Outlook Understood

Overcome FEAR

What do you fear? Is it the fear that your life is running away from you? Or, that you don’t believe you can achieve your goals? These fears are common, and I hear them on a regular basis. However, once you learn the mechanics behind fear, you start to see it’s incredibly simple to understand.

Fear is NOT as hard as people make it out to be. As humans we tend to let other people rub off on us too much, so we develop fears that are not rooted in our own experiences. Being afraid is what we make of it. Let me help you understand the irrationality behind your fears.

My worst FEAR story

In 2012, I was growing a sales team. I told my mentor at the time that I would rather DIE than do public speaking. But he knew that I needed to get over this fear by taking baby steps. So one day he said, “invite five people to your house and give them a formal presentation about me and our company.” So I invited my mom, dad, roommate, friend, and ex-girlfriend. When they arrived, I gave a presentation about my mentor as he requested. 

Even though I was presenting to the people I am closest too, I still became incredibly nervous. My excuse was because I was afraid to talk in front of people. The truth was that I was afraid, but simply unable to understand the reason for it. Now I give speeches to thousands of people at a time, let me teach you how I overcame my fears.

Get Life on Demand

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Gain a New Sense of Self Value
Reach a Whole New Level Success

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